Will you please give me information about Erfurt unıversity?I've been accepted there as an exchange student so

I want to learn about the city in general, location of the school, people living there, accomodation, which lessons will be most beneficial as an exchange student from Turkey? In short, please tell me whatever you know.

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    To give you the extra information you wanted about discrimination, Erfurt is one of the safest places in the former East Germany. I'm not sure if you're from Istanbul or Ankara university, but in both cities there must be areas that people don't want to go to? In Erfurt there are places to avoid especially around and beyond Leipziger Strasse and Magdeburger Allee (and around the main station at night, but then that's the same in every city worldwide), but in the centre you should be fine. The problem you are most likely to encounter is one of initial distrust, but be friendly and many people will be fine, even if they aren't used to speaking to foreigners. It's a much more cosmopolitan city than when I first went there in 1997; back then the only foreign language you heard on the street was Russian and most of the English-speaking population could fit into the largest theatre at the UFA-Kino for the English-language film on a Tuesday night...no-one spoke English in shops, restaurants or banks. It's changed a lot now, you even find English menus in some restaurants!

    Places I would suggest you avoid visiting because of possible violent discrimination: Magdeburg (the only place I ever felt unsafe in Germany, and I look German!), Rostock, Cottbus, Suhl, Saalfeld, Ruedolstadt. In these places unemployment is over 20% (sometimes nearer 30%) and foreigners are often seen as being to blame for it. An asylum hostel was firebombed in Saalfeld while I was in Erfurt, but that hasn't happened for a while now. Don't let a fear of discrimination worry you before you arrive; be sensible about where and when you go to places and you won't have any trouble.

    Places for a day trip (some such trips may be organised by the Uni, we had 3 or 4 when I was there): Eisenach (the Wartburg), Gotha (the Drei Gleichen castles), Weimar, Leipzig, Dresden, Coburg, Quedlingburg.

    Places for an overnight stay: Berlin, Bamberg, Kassel (the Wilhelmshoehe).

    One thing I forgot to mention: most German students go home for the weekend, so from Friday afternoon to Sunday night the foreign students are all together (they are always in the same residence, often sharing rooms or apartments). Even if you want to work hard all week, make sure you get involved with the foreign students at the weekend. To my mind, it's more important that you take the opportunity to mix with all the different nationalities at the weekend than it is to get good grades during the week. Lots of overseas students will want to organise trips to places, so tag along!

    Use the link below to research any of the other places I've mentioned here.

    You are going to a city that I love, where I would love to go back to and settle down. I hope you feel the same way about it when you have finished your stay.

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