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Write off gym membership?

Anyway to legally write off a gym membership>

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    It is not possible to claim a medical deduction for it. I looked into that for myself and I have a lifeloing condition which will put me in a wheelchair in due course (which physical activity will stave off).

    You may (although it is highly unlikely) be able to claim it as a business deduction. More likely, you might get it as a law enforcement officer. However, as an employee it would fall under the 2% floor limitation, so it would be hard to qualify unless you have a lot oif employment related deductions.

    Beware of this. I have seen on this board that firemen and EMT's have been denied the deduction. you really do not want to be claiming this without getting sound professional advice, tailored to your individual circumstances. The previous poster was wise to include an important caveat to his reply.

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    There was actually a case in the news not too long ago. Forbes Magazine reported about Omar Lodom of the LA Lakers tried to deduct gym and personal trainer fees. He was disallowed and his contract also requires he stay in top physical condition.

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    Technically's a non-deductible expense.

    But if you can prove that your business requires you or helps improve your business....then yes.

    It's like that court case from the 90's where a stripper won her tax case to have her breast implant surgery written off as an expense. The IRS originally disallowed it but she proved in court that she made more money after having implants thus the courts ruled in her favor.

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    Don't know if is legal, but I have been writting it off for about 15 years. My excuse is in my job, I need to be in good shape, to accomplish this I go to the gym.

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    Not unless you are under a professional therapist's care that has been prescribed by your doctor.

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