Is she doing right? what can i do now?

my gf had a relation when she was 16 and it was her cousin. after 3 years she broke up when she knew that they were doing wrong. now she is 21 and we are in relationship for 6 months.she promised me that he is outta her life and they never talked after that.but last week, they started talking again as she says that now she thinks him as cousin only. but i dont like this guy becos i think he was trying to take advantage over her when she was immatured and i want her to keep him away from our life. we had a fight regarding this. and both of us are hurt and having some clouds between us. i would like to hear what you people say. i know that she is loving me only. but can't see him as her cousin, but her guileful ex. Is it my problem? i dont wanna lose her.

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    talk to her about it. let her know how you feel and that you really love her. she is 21 and she should know that she shouldnt be getting with her cousin. give it some time and if she goes after him again, you should just leave her. it is her problem not yours. i understand you dont want to lose her, but if she does this, she must not care about losing you.

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    Well depending how old her cousin was during their "relationship" She could be suffering some sort of trauma associated with it.

    She probably needs a therapist. But if she doesn't see that...then there isn't much you can do about it. Tell her how you feel about the situation and that you prefer they don't speak. As if he was an ex boyfriend. If she puts up a huge might want to consider breaking off the relationship. She obviously has some issues with her cousin that will haunt you and her for a very long time and maybe your entire relationship. all you can do is take care of yourself in this matter. Unless she asks you for some sort of help. You're stuck.

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    Out of respect for you, she should highly limit her time with her cousin. If he is family, and it is a close family (not in the way THEY made it close), she will eventually be around him at family functions anyway, but she should ONLY see him in that capacity.

    I think it is very weird she was having a relationship with her cousin anyway - not very healthy or normal.

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    Your Position is really hard...buT what I think you can do are...

    1.YOu must talk to ur gf,say what u really2 feel,becoz in her age,she must know what is wrong or not...Becoz life is about choices,if in this problem,she must pick,then she must pick what best for not only for her,but also for you..

    2.If you think thAt u really loves ur gf and ur gf only loves u,than all u can do is trust each other...

    becoz Love is all 'bout trust....

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