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Should women act like guys according to Sex and the city?

Not saying promiscuity should be encouraged but if women start using guys for sex and talk about them like objects like how guys do, soon society will be used to women being as active sexually as men are and it's a step towards gender equality?

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    the women do that to men if the treatment towards them is like"you're gorgeous,but you can't be seen as an equal to a man but feminine". guys have their fun for too long;it's the ladies turn.

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    #1.)No,I dont approach chicks that think theyre Guys

    Lesbos: it's a waste of time

    Tomboys: It'll take a CENTURY for you to get em in bed(theyre a waste of valuable time,too)

    #2.)NONE Of the people in Sex and the City(nor on Any TV show) even EXIST! None of those characters have a social security number,None pay taxes,&None have a mailing address!

    WHY are you imitating Characters that somebody made up????

    if youre gonna model/imitate a person,...then model/imitate a REAL person!

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    I hated that show. I don't tell other women about who I sleep with

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    Neither sex should behave that way. It's crude when guys do it and raunchy when girls do it.

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    NO! It just isn't that simple

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    No...why perpetuate it?

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