Ok all. I have no answer 2give my friend, so Ill give it 2 u spouse cheating. Wants password w/out?

This peson has asked me several times if I know how to get the password for her husbands computer without having to buy a program to do so. She figured out the house one & hes since said Nothings going on , but my friend has found numerous phone numbers & notes that pretty much prove to the contrairy. Anyway, the password she is looking for is on another computer that he takes with him. Has anyone got any information that I can share with her? I hate this & I wish she could just take what she already knows & go, but since hes told her nothinging is going on anymore ( even though she has found the notes & numbers ) She wants to believe him & has to have additional proof - cause she wants to believe him so badly... We all know how this goes.. Thank you all for your help in advance. :-)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just because he won't let her look in his computer, it doesn't mean he's hiding anything. After all, Saddam Husein would not allow anyone to look into his production plants for 12 years, and at least half of the world believes he wasn't hiding anything...... maybe that's the half that's always getting cheated on.

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  • Angelz
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    1 decade ago

    She could take a hammer an smash is portable computer or she could call/E-mail Cheater and they will follow him and film or she could stick her head back into the sand and pretend nothing ever happened. She should just ask him for the password or to allow her to have a look around after he enters the password if he refuses then he still has something to hide and she should move on to a better life.

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