Help me set up my DVD player?

I'm bad with these things:

I am trying to set up my dvd player, however, the dvd player has no connection to screw the cable wire in. All it has is the red, yellow and white wires.

The TV has the holes for the yellow and white wires, and the player has the holes for all three. How do I hook it up? And when I turn the TV to channel 3, I don't see the DVD screen. Please help!!! i rented all these movies that I can't watch..

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    Connecting DVD player is simple.

    It appears your DVD player does not have RF connections - it is strange but don't worry about it.

    1. If you don't have RCA wires (Red, White and Yellow), buy it.

    2. Red and White are for AUDIO. Use Red wire to connect RED socket of DVD player to RED on TV. Use White to connect White Socket of DVD player to White on TV and use Yellow to connect Yellow Socket of DVD to Yellow on TV.

    3. Connect power of DVD and turn ON DVD and TV.

    4. You will NOT see DVD on Channel 3 as you are not connecting through RF.

    5.You will will DVD on A/V channel. Using remote control of TV, **** to A/V channel - most likely you need to press 'Source' button on TV Remote control or you should see sign of A/V on remote control.

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    DVD players no longer have "RF Modulator" output to display the output on Channel 3 like VCRs always used to have. That is more or less an obsolete way to get video into a TV.

    The key is the yellow output. Hooking a single "RCA" cable between the yellow output of the DVD and the TV will get you video. You may need to press a "TV/Video" or "Input" button on your TV, or perhaps (more rare) turn your TV to "channel 0" or something special. If you connect this and play a DVD, and start pressing buttons on your TV remote, hopefully you'll find the magic button to switch to the "yellow" input.

    Now audio - it sounds like if your TV only has 1 "white" plug, its not a stereo TV. So you will need to buy an adapter or something to convert the stereo (Red & White) outputs on the DVD to the TV set. For now, to test it, just use the White one on the DVD but be aware until you go to RadioShack or something and buy a "Y-adapter" for the RCA cable, you'll be hearing only the left channel of the stereo sound, which will be a little weird.

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    plug the yellow and white wires into the tv and the dvd player, leave the red cable out of the dvd player. it sounds like an older tv so once everything is on just hit channel down untill you see the dvd. it will probably be on channel 01 or 00. if you can't get by just channeling down then there should be an button on the remote labeled input or a/v or tv/video. just hit that button untill the dvd shows up on the screen

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    DVD players these day are going 'digital' and most tv's from about 200o til now also have the digital access. Go to your local circuit city or Best buy and buy either a s-video plug(this cord has no color, just plugs into the port right next to the yellow red and white plugs), which will provide the best picture. Or you can go and purchase the standard yellow red and white plugs. The old RF modulator plugs are fast becoming extinct. The quality and sound just do not compare to the new 'digital' cords...Good luck.

    I know I use simple wording, but it it it the best way to communicate.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your cable does not connect to your dvd player.

    Connect the Red, Yellow and WHite cables to the red, yellow and white out connectors (Video and Audio Out) from your dvd player to the red, yellow and white in connectors (Video and Audio In) on your television. Then turn on your dvd player, put in a dvd disk, play the dvd and then check your television for the picture and sound. Depending upon your actual set up, you will probably have to turn off your cable or satellite receiver and then cycle through your television inputs using your tv remote (Satellite, Cable, Digital In, Component, Video 1, Video 2, etc) until the dvd picture and sound come through.

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