trachea pain and post nasal drip...?

i'm having some pretty wicked post nasal drip which is causing my trachea to hurt like a sonofabitch. i have tried gargling, nasal irrigation, etc and these give only temporary relief. i've tried taking sudafed sinus and allergy (decongestant and antihistamine) and that doesn't help that well either. my trachea still hurts like mad. the only thing that helps right now is taking massive amounts of advil, but if i keep going at this right my liver is going to fall out. i can't get any sleep without OD'ing on advil, and even then i can only get about 4 hours until the advil wears off and i'm waking up because my trachea is so F-ing sore. the back part of my sinus cavity right above my uvula is also pretty sore. my trachea mainly hurts right near the notch between my clavicles, and it hurts when i breathe.

what gives? should i see a doctor? i really don't want to invest doctor time right now.

anyone have any other remedies for me?


ps swallowing is a b*tch too.

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    You are describing my life for the last 3 weeks...I am on my second course of penicillin & the last time, the dr. gave me a prescription for pain pills because my throat pain was so bad...which I'd never heard of, but oh well, I took 3 total. I used throat spray, gargled with salt water. Drinking hot tea with lemon & honey was a last resort, as I didn't think something that common would help, but it seemed to. You probably have a wicked sinus infection like me, it wouldn't hurt to go to the doctor. If you are hacking & coughing, don't use a vaporizer, that made me worse. I feel for you, good luck....even though my throat doesn't feel quite swollen shut anymore, there is still some pain there like I've NEVER had's crazy, I know where you're coming from.

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    yes. see a doctor he can give you a prescription that will make advil look and seem like candy,..this will give you at least 8 hours of undisturbed rest.

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