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worried need some help ...?

i have bf 14 yr, myself 13 yr girl , we are very close to each other. i could not control myself , and we started sex twice a week .sometimes we mastbate each other. Both of us enjoy pleasure. but from last week i observed that sometimes my bf ejaclate early and some times take a long time to ejaclate. also my bf pnis seems to be enlarged and my boobs are also increasing in size is it because of mastbation ?should we stop it ? or continue it ?how we can get more pleasure ?is it healthy for me ?

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    Your breasts are probably getting bigger because you are THIRTEEN and are still growing. Ditto for his fourteen-year-old penis. There's some anecdotal evidence that routine sex can alter your hormonal levels, particularly in boys, but the fact that you guys are so young is much more likely the cause. Ejeculation time will vary depending on how much sex he has and how excited he is, especially at that age.

    I'm pretty sex-positive, but if you are thirteen and sexually active, you really need to speak to a doctor about your sexual health and ALWAYS use a condom.

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    I would say the reason you are starting to get interested in sex is because your hormones are surging, which would mean that you are probably still growing, and your body is going through weird changes, I f I may put my info in , I think that you are a little young to be doing those things, I did and it brought nothing but problems, I got pregnant young! if you must use all precautions

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    your really young...if I were you I would wait. Your body is not fully developed enough to hand the pressures of intercourse. take it slow theirs no rush. sounds like your body is having a rush of hormones.

    Source(s): life...wish I would of waited.
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