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How do I stop unwanted E-mail ads that don't have unsubccribe links ?

they supossedly got my add from a G-mail list, one I can't seem to locate.

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    Never respond to spam by using their "click here to unsubscribe" or "follow this link for removal from our list". The one and only thing this does is verify that the spam was delivered to a valid e-mail address and confirm that you saw it. The sender has no intention what so ever in honoring your request. In fact, by responding you are guaranteed the delivery of even more spam from the same sender plus those who were sold your confirmed-valid address. Destroy the spam without responding to anything.

    Just click your spam button. Tighten up your spam filters. You may want to consider a special email account for when you have to enter it online. That was your primary email will not be bombarded with junk email.

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    Check out for Spam filter in your email client (if u are using like outlook/eudora etcetera) or in ur web based email.

    You can chose to mark an unwanted email address which doesn't have unsubscribe links as Spam and you u won't be troubled from next time onwards.

    Happy new year :)

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    There are no easy answers. You can get software spam killers, but they won't be 100% effective. You can create filters in most mail programs so that they will just be deleted before you see them, but you sometimes zap mail you want to read. There are a number of other solutions, but they all have their weak points. Good luck.

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    If you are using yahoo you could always report as spam, also, check your junk or bulk mail settings to see if they are set to high enough detection/deletion, i beleive alot of email accounts also have the option to filter out certain emails and to send emails you want to accept straight to your inbox. Several different solutions here, hope one of them helps

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    first dont open them so they dont recieve a response ping.that way they dont know they have found a real email address. then mark it as spam so it goes into bulk folder.after that they will stop after a while when they get no response.but this will take some mentime dont open them.

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