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What can be the reason...pregnant?

What can be one of the reasons for a women to have her period but also have blood clots along with it. Is she pregnant?

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    Dude you don't even know if she's pregnant yet. You're the same guy who keeps asking these ridicolous questions.

    Look you are wasting answerers time by not reading our answers "MIKE" so look if you are so desperate to get your girlfriend pregnant go back and read my answer to your previous two questions.

    You two are obviously not ready for a baby if you're so incomptent that you keep posting the same questions or trying to change the question.

    You don't even know if she's pregnant. You said so yourself when you said "She got a NEGATIVE on a HPT" If you think she's pregnant and SHE thinks she's pregnant take your asses to a doctor.

    Look dude go to a doctor and ask them these retarded questions. If you can't read our answers quit asking questions.

    Every answerer should see this if they think I am being rude:


    either copy that directly or click it if it allows to be clicked

    This guy is asking the most ridicoulous questions and not even READING our answers.

    Sheesh dude.

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    If she is on the "pill", this may cause clots or if she is under a great deal of stress. To be on the safe side, I would make a doctors visit.

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    You could possibly have indometreosis... Do you cramp really bad. its nothing to worry about...about every 2 out of 4 have it. The only really cure is to have a baby...I would talk to your doctor about it. If your having EXTREME cramps with it you could possibly be miscarrying...hopefully not.

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