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Soar throat fix?

I have had a soar throat for about four days now. I can't talk and have trouble breathing. I have had to miss four days of work because of my throat. I can't take off any more days, I need the money. Is there anything that will help my throat so it doesn't hurt to talk so I can go back to work today?

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    i always use hot water with salt, it really works, much better than any medicine you can buy at the pharmacy or from the doctor, it usually takes it away the next day, i gargle with it at night,(don't swallow it) just before going to bed and my throat is better in the morning, honest, try it. good luck to you , hope you're better soon, Happy New Year !!!

  • Gargle with warm salty water. It will relieve the pain. But you also need to go to the doctor if it persists for a few more days. You may have some respiratory problems.

    Good luck!

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    selfmade recipe sure Dr organic will form this one out.... Take a freshly overwhelmed clove of garlic and upload to a small glass of heat water and drink the lot. Repeat countless cases an afternoon till you experience extra helpful. PREVENTION: Take one onion, peel, place on a plate in and around the homestead. The flesh of the onion absorbs each and all of the chilly and flu micro organism so which you do not would desire to. I additionally positioned some in my automobile. stay long & wholesome, of course!

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    Try lemon & honey , Heat up a little honey in a cup then squeeze in a some fresh lemon juice and sip. Let it settle down in your throat for a few seconds before you swallow. Hopefully they should help.

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    Gargle with warm salt water. 4 to 8 oz. of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt. It tastes horrible, but it works and works quickly.

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    Gargling warm salty water works, but are you sure you don't have strep? I would go to the doctor asap. If it's strep, you are highly contagious. Feel better soon.

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    Slipery Elm cough drops.

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    see a doctor.

    You can try drinking warm tea, that always helps me, or bring a bag of Halls to work, those alwyas work

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    try this over the counter Day time for the day and night time for at night. Day time and Night Time helped me.

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