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At what age do kittens usually stop nursing from their mother?

My kitten is 7 weeks old (was a present) and it sucks on my clothing and "mushes" with it's claws.

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    Usually, around eight weeks. It may vary a week either way. If they stop nursing too soon, they develop a phenomenon known as wool-sucking. It is harmless and very cute. I have a wool-sucker, he sucks his blanky every night and is now five and a half years old and twelve pounds. But I took him at six weeks to save his life. There are many products available if kittens stop nursing too soon. High protein high vitamin formulas you can give with bottle. and if they suckle too long, it can hurt mom. drain her of energy and nutrients and make her nipples very sore. By the way everyone, unless you have good homes for all the kittens in advance, and most people do not, please spay and neuter. unwanted cats and kittens meet an awful death in the hands of drug companies, labs, kill shelters, and pet food companies.

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    Cats, canines even horses will sometime enable their toddlers to proceed to nurse lengthy when they ought to have stopped. After spaying and with the kittens at 13 weeks, the mummy in all likelihood does not have milk. Nursing is often threat free and brings convenience to both the momma and her kittens. the really time nursing is undesirable is even as the mummy turns into aggravated.

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    Cats should nto be weaned earleir than 6-8 weeks.

    Your kitten is trying to nurse, kittens which were taken from thier mother too early tend to do this.

    Sometimes this behaviour will last into adulthood. I had a cat as a child which did that.

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    7 weeks is young, it normally 8 to 10 weeks. as for the "mushing" i call it needing. that will continue for the rest of its life. it means they are relaxing. the sucking should go away after a few weeks. don't worry its okay.

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    They can be weaned at five or six weeks, and can move on to kitten food.

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