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The Iranian goverment is happy about the execution of Saddam-why?

Could it be now that they will create a giant Iran?

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    That is certainly their ambition, at least figuratively.

    The Iranian regime does have ambitions of becoming something of a regional superpower. (Their nuke program is really about that as well)

    And Iraq, is, without question, their first target.

    They must also like seeing the man who once waged war against them swinging from a rope.

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    Few know this, but invading Iraq and executing Saddam Hussein was the best thing that has happened to Iran for years. During the years of 1980-1988 the Iraqis and Iranians had a large war, led by none other then Saddam Hussein and Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution (which changed Iran into what it is today). Well in the beginning Iraq invaded Iran attempting to settle border disputes they had been having for year but they were quickly repelled.

    Of course, the U.S. was involved since they had never really liked Iran since before the Islamic Revolution (which called for all ties to the western world be severed). The current president at the time, Ronald Reagen said that they could not sit back and let Iraq lose. So, the U.S. sent economic, intelligence aid, as well as sending weapons. This earned the U.S the utter hatred and resentment that you still see today by Iran. In fact, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a veteran of the war.

    After the war, both countries economies were recked and it ended up being a tie, with neither borders changed and nearly 20 years later, the U.S. helps execute one of it's former allies and Irans worst enemy.

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    Saddam led a war against Iran for many years. Naturally they are glad he's gone.

    Further, since the majority of Iraqis are Shias like Iran, so they are hoping for an alliance now that the Sunni Saddam is out of power.

    And, if people like Ahmadinejad stay in power in Iran, they will hope to find the Hidden Mahdi and conquer the world.

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    Because of the Iraq-Iran war. (Which was funded by the US) What they fail to realize is that the US is about 2 seconds away from invading their country and doing the same to their leaders.

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    I think you already answered your question! LOL

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