Do I Need Dual Layer DVDs To Record DVD Movies?

I bought a DVD burner and want to burn some movies. Do I need Dual-Layer disks or will the regular ones work. On the back of the movies they all say dual layer but they are not 2 hours long. Thats what the regular disks so is the compacity (2hrs) So to all you burners out there what do I need. Im using Nero if that makes any difference. Compression? Thanks in advance!!

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    The burner program knows the capacity DVD needs.

    Check the size from you DVD source, if the size is more than 4.7GB, you need DVD-R DL (Dual Layer).

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    especially much all commercial DVD disks at the instant are twin layer. And especially much all DVD burners will burn twin layer disks. The capture is which you ought to purchase unmarried layer sparkling DVDs for form of 20 cents a bite. twin layer sparkling disks fee between $a million and $10 a bite! the reason of commercial disks having twin layer is so as that they have room for all of the extras that no person watches. it is a advertising ploy and not something. in case you burn a twin layer disk it is going to play in any DVD participant offering it is formatted appropriate.

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    no need of dual layers dvd.. you can burn with normal ones

    the difference between normal and dual is the capacity the normal ones is 4.7 gb and dual is 9.4 gb.i prefer the normal ones because the when you compress it it wont get overlapped

    as sometimes it occurs in dual layer

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