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I am going out on new years w/a new guy I'm dating? do you think a short dress w/ pantyhose & heels is sexy?

This guy likes pantyhose legs and feet on his woman.

what kind and color pantyhose should I wear.

How can I tease him with my legs and feet in pantyhose

to make him hot ?

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    I don't know what color skin tone you are, but if you're tan wear tan so it looks natural and if you're lighter wear white. A black skirt might be cute with a black sweater or jacket, a dressy red top underneath and red heels would be sexy! Don't forget to find some black and red dangley earrings to accessorize, maybe some bracelets too! Do your hair real nice too! Good Luck! Happy New Year!

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    Being a tease can be dangerous, especially since you don't know this guy too well. You said he was NEW! Anyway, what you have in mind to wear IS too sexy for New Year's Eve. I suggest you dress conservatively. This will make you different from the girls he's been dating. If you dress like a tease, you just might end up in the backseat of his car and suffer the consequences, especially if the guy has been drinking. Why start the first day of 2007 worrying about 'last night.?"

    HANK (Josh)

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    if the man likes panthose on your legs then you are right to wear a short, short dress - shorter the better

    make the heels strappy

    - don't want your shoes covering you pantyhosed legs

    the colour pantyhose should be either

    - thick black opaque; white; pink or black metalic

    i'd personly wear or perefer the black opaque

    - with the short dress you can't go wrong

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    Wear nude pantyhose. And I am hot just thinking about it so I am sure he will be too.

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    Black certainly is the colour. As far as teasing use your imagination and let things happen naturally rather then by some laid out plan.

    Source(s): 51 years life experience
  • wear heels and black pantyhose and a black dress. dont tease him in public.

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    Open crutch is worthwhile and I notice you have already ommitted the panties.

    Smart thinking

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    crotchless pantyhose and clear heals...

    Work it like a hooker!

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