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Crushed Coral vs. Sand???

Any one have any suggestions on weather or not to go with the white crushed coral stuff (that looks like sand) or plain moon light sand. What are the pros and cons? It's going to be in a chidlid tank with big rocks and driftwood.

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    I would personally do a mixture, just to make the substrate more unlikely to create air pockets.

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    If this is an African Cichlid aquarium (Lake Malawi or Tanganyika).

    Crushed coral would be a Good choice for pH control and better for a proper kH.

    The crused coral will leech out calcium and other trace elements that will be beneficial for the African Cichlids.

    If this is for South American Cichlids I would use the sand or gravel

    For more basic freshwater aquarium information, please read this article:

    Source(s): 27 years aquarium maintenance experience
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    relies upon on a collection of issues yet first of all, no longer all stay sand is equivalent and you will blend stay with overwhelmed coral or positive coral sand to save funds. i might initiate the tank with in simple terms coral sand, and a few stay rock, and upload the stay sand and greater rock a month later after the tank grow to be greater prevalent.

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    i would mix or go with the coral. i remember reading something about chemistry that goes on , had to do with ph level.

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