Why do peoples run after more mony even when someone earn enough !?

Some people always go for more mony that may bother any other's right. but they don't care, what's their thrst!!!!

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  • Tom D
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    1 decade ago
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    Many reasons, but mostly because men have an urge to compete for status, as measured by money. This behavior is our genetic heritage from competing, over thousands of generations, for breeding opportunities with women.

    In many species, the males compete to show their fitness to the females, generally by either demonstrating their superior genes, or else defeating their competitors in some sort of fight or competition.

    Sometimes being a good provider is the point of competition: in species where the males help raise children, such as humans, the males can prove their worth by demonstrating that they are good providers, i.e. that they can accumulate a lot of money. A good provider has a better chance of raising his children to breeding age. Females of such species are excited by males who demonstrate this ability.

    Some men choose to let their instincts overpower their reason and submit entirely to their atavistic impulses, thus fulfilling the behavior you describe.

    Though we humans have the capability to rise above our base instincts, we seldom do.

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    Because they have an education. MonEy is the root of alot. People who work their butt off for more monEy deserve it. If it bothers other people who don't have monEy then they should make some of their own. I think "why do people who have alot of money, go out and buy 10,000 dollar peices of jewelry and 50 room mansions for 1 person, things that are not a necessity in life when there are dieing children in the US" would be the better question.

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    4 years ago

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    You've answered one of your questions, people run after more money, because they thirst for it, or for what it / they they think it brings. For most money will be salted water.

    Perhaps we should ask why do we thirst? what benefits and injuries do we cause to our selves and others by thirsting for not just adequate amounts of money, but the enending pursuit of 'MORE money'?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Such people have less brain. They say we are earning so that we can afford good treatment when they become ill/old.

  • 1 decade ago

    Money is their lust.

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