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What does my dream mean?

I had this dream last night and i can't stop thinking about it. Does anyone who knows something about dreams have any idea what it could mean?...

So i really liked this guy for like 2 years but last year he went off to college and we havent spoken since last year. We never went out it was more just like random little flings. So in my dream i was waiting outside of a classroom and he walked outside and he started talking to me and asking me how ive been. then suddenly we were inside of this big fenced off area that was way above ground and there was no way to get out except to jump. He decided to jump and he fell flat on his face and eveytime he tried to get up he would fall down again. I was too scared to jump so i just waited up there watching him from above.

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    In your subconcious, you are afraid to have an affair with this guy. You believe that an affair would probably end in pain. If it was for HIM to get hurt, ....well.... there is nothing you can do! But for you, no, you do not want to take such risk.!

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    Fence = obstacle

    this guy = desire

    fell down = failure

    This is your dream and this is how you feel about this guy. He in your subconscious mind may seem like a failure. You projected him to jump over the fence and fell flat. That shows a couple of things. #1. He does not have what it takes to be anything you want to be. You think that he may be incapable of doing things. Maybe that is what he is and he reminded you in the dream. #2. You are losing confidence in him. That's how you see from him in reality. He can't fulfill or satisfy your need. You have no trust in him.

    Basically, you vent this all out in dream because you have some struggle in your life. For one thing you like him, but for the other thing, there are something that blocks you from fully trust in him.

    Source(s): God's given insight in dreams
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    I do like to try to analyze dreams. Yours sounds as though something may have reminded you of him, on TV, radio etc.etc.

    and the rest of the dream made it clear that he was heading the other way whether it was safe or not (he jumped even though it was hard and he hadn't gotten up yet) But you played it safe (maybe by not moving away from home town?) and waited to see what happened to him out of curiosity. You are the only one that can truly interpret your dreams. No one else knows what tipped you off while awake nor how you felt during the dream. Sounds like to me though, that you and that guy are separated every time you see him. You two are going separate ways by decisions. Are YOU personally trying to make any important decisions in your life right now? Or did something make you think of him and do you think HE made a dumb choice by moving? You are your one and only dream weaver!! Have fun with it, but always take your dreams seriously, even the funny ones. You write, direct, and act in those dreams and they have meaning especially when they are vivid and memorable.

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    I means that you are afraid to take the next step in something. It doesn't mean anything specifically about him though as your subconscious mind just used his image to get the message across to your conscious mind. If you woke up right after the dream (or any dream) it means the message is important for you to pay attention to. Ask yourself if there is something you're avoiding or a decision you need to make that you're afraid to do. Good Luck!

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    Dreams don't mean anything whatsoever. They are just electrical impulses formed into images in your head.

    However, it sounds like this guy is on your mind, so you should really be asking yourself what your feelings are for him. But only you can know that.

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    I don't know much-but it seems like it might mean something. Some dreams mean nothing, some mean stuff. Inner feelings that you cannon communicate consciously communicate with you through dreams.

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    I'll admit I'm not a dream interpreter or a rocket scientist. to me i think it may show that maybe you should get a hold of him. he may be going threw a hard time in his life and need a good friend to talk to.

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    The fence means your trying to trap him. The jumping part means he would rather kill himself than be with you.

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    Dreams don't mean anything, they are just dreams.

    Freud came up with the concept of dream interpretations, but most psychologists today don't believe it anymore.

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    It was your brain drawing up random images from your past and forming a dream. It has no real meaning.

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