How do I delete songs off of my Ipod Nano?

In detail please-I'm letting someone borrow it and must delete explicts before they do-thanks!

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  • Sir J
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    1 decade ago
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    Remove songs from an Ipod is easy, and a few steps are listed below which will walk you through it. It is often an advantage to delete songs from an Ipod, as you may have found a better MP3 or other music file to add, or you may have a music song that is "cut off" at the end and need to replace it. No need wasting extra space on your Ipod, or keeping an incomplete song, even though Ipods contain many gigs of storage. The steps are also the same whether you have a nano, mini, etc., it does not matter. First off, connect your Ipod and then make sure ITunes is open on your computer. I prefer to have the "manual" Ipod setting (which means I will simply choose what I delete, choose what I add, etc., to me this is easiest, so that is the option I will list). On ITunes, click edit at the top, then choose preferences, then choose the "Ipod" tab, then choose the "music" tab within that. Now make sure the option is chosen for "manually manage songs and playlists", you will see it on the screen, click ok when done so this option is saved. This simply means you are now ready to manually delete any music from your Ipod, etc. Almost done, now simply click the "Owners Ipod" option on the left window to display your Ipod music songs, highlight any songs in the list and press your delete key. Thats it, this will delete them from your Ipod and you can then add files as you wish.

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    im not sure if the ipod works the same way as a mp3 player does but when i had my mp3 all i done was plug it in the pc and a file would come up with what was on there and just right clicked on the song and deleated that song! hope it works

  • 1 decade ago

    Just delete the song off your library and plug in your ipod. it will be gone in seconds!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    bypass for your track out of your ipod on itunes. not on the suitable of the web page on itunes yet lower than the icon of your ipod on the left aspect. good click on the the somng you want to delete

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    remove the songs from your library, and plug your ipod into your computer.

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