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Does anyone know some unusual names?

I am currently writing a book (3 actually) and I am running out of names that I want to use. It takes place in a more Lord of the Rings setting. So I don't want very modern names. Does anyone know any names that could help me?

Boys and Girl names.

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    Elyra[el-i-ra] (G)







    Anaika[un-ay-ka] (G)

    I love making names. My favorite names are those having "r" , "l" , "e" and "n" in them

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    You may wish to try:

    Akaky Akakievich (male, Gogol's The Overcoat)

    Madame Kukshina (Female, Turgenev's Fathers and Sons)

    Muthoni (Female, Ngugi wa Thiong'os The River Between)

    Zhen Zhen (Female, Ding Ling's When I was in Xia Village)

    Maimouna (Female, Sembene Ousmane's God's Bits of Wood)

    Maiguru (Female, Dangarembnga's Nervous Conditions).

    Try Shakespeare for names, especially the Comedies or Bertolt Brecht or Charles Dickens. With names only, they'll never let you down. William has Orlando, Brecht has Puntila, and Dickens has Fagin, not quite modern names or so I'd presume.

    But if you fail completely, you can always deploy Taban lo Liyong's "Man-and-Woman" (who was once a single animal until Man ran away with a chunk of meat and Woman got the aperture. . . and since, been trying to greet!!). A classic (not mine!) name from from the writer of Thirteen Offensives Against Our Enemies!! My favorite iconoclastic existential, prophet of Devil.

    Good luck.

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    Liz...a lot of famous authors, Tolkien included, have used names from mythology and ancient history. Many have blended two names together to get a name. I would suggest you try something similar, yourself. For instance....the goddess of spring from greek mythology is Maia, and the goddess of the hunt from roman mythology is could blend the name into something like Myana...Daya....see?

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    The speaker of the Commons in the time of Cromwell was called Praise-God Barbon. If you think that Praise-God Barbon had an unusual name, think about his son who was called ‘If Jesus Had Not Died For Thee Thou Hadst Been Damned Barbon’.

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    Oh gosh, I so understand you! Coming up with names for my characters is always really hard... I have recently moved to ireland though, and I like some of these Gaelic names:

    Aiobhin (F - Ee-fin)

    Sinead (F - Shaneed)

    Niamh (F- Neeve)

    Siobhan (F - Shevaughn)

    Deirdre (F - Deardra)

    Seamus (M - Shamus)

    Padraic (M - Patrick)

    Oisin (M - Oyshin)

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    Kaesi for girls and Kaeso for boys - Roman names

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    Boys name: Kirei and for a Girls: Amai

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    You're writing three books and you can't come up with any names, I can't wait!

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    Do you want real names or made up names?

    If made ones, here are a bunch:

    Arthurus (F)

    Ornust (M)

    Demeneas (M)

    Arroak (F)

    Malai (F)

    Sauron (F)

    Some names like these may help (real):

    Dorothy (F)

    Margaret (F)

    Ra'aza (F)

    Estella (F)

    Christopher (M)

    Jeffery (M)

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