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Microfiber bra is pilling?

I just bought some new, very nice bras. They wire-free microfiber. I've only worn them a few times but I've noticed that they are starting to pill on the sides where the bra meets my arm. Is there a way to keep my bras from pilling?

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    Do you mean those little lint balls? You can take a regular shaver and carefully shave them off. Or use an actual fuzz remover, it's an electric blade that spins in a circle with a mesh cover, they work pretty good at removing lint balls. This is just friction with your skin and the fabric.

    If the fabric is bunching up on the sides, then you may need to go down a band size, increase in cup size. Or decrease the cup size, but stay the same band size.

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    Microfiber is either fine stranded polyester or rayon. The fine fibers give a lot of softness. Short fibers in a polyester strand can be abraded away from the strand and twisted into pills.

    A silk camisole might help, if it can stay in place where the pilling happens.

    If you cannot stop the rubbing, you can buy another brand of bra - since the one you have has cut corners in fabric by using short fibers.

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    They do make a pill shaver. Haven't seen it for a while. Perhaps e-bay has one.

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