Personal loan w/no credit?

I've heard to go to a credit counselor. I've heard to go to the bank. I barely have any credit and I need to take out a loan for $7,500. What should I do? I need a real answer, not " build your credit". Thanx!

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    They do have lots of programs out there that bear the motto "No Credit, No Problem", not necessarily in those words, but that's what those particular companies veer their services towards. College kids with little if any credit, or people, and there are alot more than you would think with bad credit out there.

    Don't listen to anyone else on this site about credit scores, the national average is not as great as reported. While alot of people have great credit, most don't. So don't get deterred by any of these yuppies who tell you different.

    Some of those programs I mentioned are scams. My only advice to you is go to your local H&R Block (should they be available in your area) and even though they mainly specialize in tax filing, ask them about turning you on to a financial adviser who can sit down with you for a free consultation where they'll basically just give you pointers on your financial situation.

    Going to the bank, however, is your first step. But banks can't determine your creditworthyness unless you give them written permission to pull for your credit file (report).

    Good luck to you.

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