How can someone tell where I live when in a chat room?

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    1 decade ago
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    some chat rooms allow the owner of the room or guests to see the IP of the other people.. using an IP tracer they can determine where you live

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    Make sure that on your profile it doesn't show your address, city, or state or real name for that matter. Read below to edit your profile information:


    At the top of YM click Messenger then My Profiles. Then click the button “Create/Edit My Profiles on box that pops up. Then click on View My Profiles in the new window (upper right). A sign in page will be next so sign in with your yahoo ID and password.

    Now you will see a listing of all the public profiles under that yahoo ID. Click on the one you want to edit. It will take you to that profile. At the top you will see different editing choices that you can choose such as “View My Profiles,” “Edit Profile Information,” and “Edit Picture,” etc. If you want to edit your profile information then choose that one. Make your changes and then click on the Save Changes button lower right.

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    Not a good idea.

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