Can someone explain this to me???

Why are some people upset about Saddam Hussins death? I mean I don't know a whole lot but I did know he was a horrible man who killed thousands of people in cold blood. But he believes he was doing the right thing? How does he justify killing thousands of people? Also, why do they hate America and Israel? I thought Saddams death would be celebrated but there seems to be a lot of people down there in mourning and upset but why? He killed so many people but he says he did it for his Then he says he died for his country? I'm very confused and I was hopeing someone could help me understand this a little better.


Thank you everyone...I just wanted to know because I'm majoring in History and I really need to know these things. I also took World Relgions and I'm still confused about a lot of things but thanks for all of the responses....

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    The people who are upset are moonbat liberals

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    People in the States who "feel a little bit sorry" (I just read about a girl who felt this way about his execution) are really just ignorant of the atrocities he committed during his regime, so I can't say I care about them, we're not gonna get everyone a subscription to the newspaper. People who lived under his command, and mourn his death, on the other hand, I'd say are those real conservatists who still viewed him as the war hero who stood his ground and defended his fellow countrymen and Palestinian allies against the Israelis.

    Think about a war that has been going for about 50 years between these guys and the Palestinians. Anyone who fights the Palestinians is going to be a friend to the Israelis, no matter what, only because is a war that most everyone involved has been fighting since they were kids. And since Saddam took a side and economically supported their ally, not only waging war, but also providing for the families of suicidal bombers, for example, it will be hard to get that image out of these people heads if not impossible.

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    Saddam Hussein is a Sunni Muslim, while most of the people in Iraq are Shiite. In the eyes of many Sunni Muslims, Hussein being in power allowed the minority Sunnis to have protection against discrimination and crime they experienced at the hands of Shia Muslims who had been in power. They greatly fear Shiite rule. Also, because of the terror of war, there has been some romanticism of the comparative stability of Saddam's regime, and some are wishing for the old days.

    Ironically, the U.S. once supported Saddam's rulership because he is Sunni, giving a balance against an extremist Shiite government such as that in Iran when the Ayatollah Khomeini was in power.

    Source(s): Wikipedia is a great resource:
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    well two important things..

    firstly saddam was caught and killed by the US war on iraq(US an outsider)

    So the thing about somebody frm outside killing one's country man and also the fallouts of US war killing thousands of innocent civilians. is enough for ppl to feel sad.. coz to kill one man(Saddam) whole country was ravaged..

    Second point..

    By most of the middle east and for that matter a lot of countries in the world are anti US oa\r atleast are not happy( sl this is super power associated problems. law of nature.. cant help it)

    and at the end all that is left in iraq is death and grief.. they dont have any other feeling remaninig for happiness joy, nothing.. so its justified that they have no joy or elation, its just absence of any feeling and a fear of the future. until saddam was their he was the only threat, a known threat.. now there are threats unknown.. fear of the known is always lees then that of the unknon..

    i hope i havent bored anyone.. but this is my understanding..

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    Amber W -- first let me thank you for having a very open mind when asking this question, not just taking one point of view for granted. There are two sides to every coin. Saddam was a dictator, true, but western democracy sometimes just doesn't work in eastern countries with a different mindset. He brought about a lot of development in Iraq. The women there were progressive. They were Muslim,but unlike Saudi Arabia, did not don the hijab veil. There is of course, no excuse for his killing of people. But people feel bad at his execution not so much for him as a man, but becxause of the injustice. I say injustice in this sense -- he was accused by the US of habouring weapons of mass destruction and for backing al qaeda. Boith accusation are now proven false. So the US had no right in interfering with Iraq's internal affairs. Look at Iraq roday and their democracy. They have gone back 100 years and it will take another 100 to heal. So can one feel happy at Saddam's death? He was one of the few leaders who challenged US domination. That itself is a cause for many to admire him. The US decries dictators if they do not toe to the US line. In Pakistan President Musharraf is a dictator, Make no mistake, I admire him. The US champions his cause because he dances to their tune. There are their lofty ideals about dictatorship vs democracy now?

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    I think people here in the U.S. are upset because his death will probably make things worse for our troops in Iraq. Militants will want to avenge his death and will. Saddam justifies his actions by his religion which I don't really understand that much. It sounds all screwed up to me. Saddam believed that he died a martyr and will be rewarded in heaven for all that he has done.

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    He was a sociopathic and ego centric person.

    He plunged his entire country in debt and poverty with a 6,7 or 8 year war with Iran.

    He took a country with some of the most prosperous citizens in the area to the most destitute citizens in the area.

    He killed people based on religious beliefs.

    He killed people based on the knowledge that they didn't like and didn't what him in charge.

    He also tortured people for the same reasons.

    Chambers where acid was dripped on people from a high ceiling so they had to keep moving and couldn't sleep.

    That's the mild stuff.

    Only a megalomaniacal sociopathic person would think he was helping anyone but himself, in that situation.


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    Just because we aren't joyously celebrating his death like it's Christmas, doesn't mean we're against it.

    I agree that the guy deserved to be punished and deserved the death penalty. But it's the whole idea that people are making him into such a big deal, when in reality there are so many people just like him in this world.

    Certain politicians like Bush have been contributing to the deaths of thousands- in a different way, that much is granted. So why the double standards.

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    People are upset about Hussein's death because of how he was taken out of power, not because they think he was a good guy.

    The US invaded Iraq with the justification that Hussein was producing "weapons of mass destruction" that he was prohibited from having. It turned out that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so a lot of people think that the US never should have invaded. People think that the US rushed in to Iraq before we had good information on what Hussein was really doing.

    Almost everybody thinks that Hussein was a bad man that deserved to be taken out of power, but they don't like the way it happenned.

    Also, there are a lot of people that think the death penalty should never be used, and lifetime in prison is good enough.

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    The everyone that is upset must not have been affected by losing a loved one to him, or they are protesting the death penalty. I know in that culture it's an honor to die for your he did get that's just like hitler....people have followers...and somewhere along the line he may have made enough good to grasp attention and have followers. But I think it is a disgrace to his culture to be hung...I am not sure though..

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    The best way to understand all of this is to read thoroughly all of the reports that will come out today, and through the week. Read news magazines and reputable newspapers. They will be filled with information (and opinion) of what this all means. You're not likely to get a comprehensive, illustrative view of all this here at Yahoo Answers.

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