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Rachael Ray, too much... or good for her?

Is there to much of Rachael Ray out there, or do you think it's great all she has going.

30 minute meals , Rachael Ray Talk show, $40 a day (etc) , her own websites for each show, a spot on the food network site, her own line of merchindise etc..

Also, who else thinks it is disgusting that she has to take one trip and carry all her food UP AGAINST her, under her arm etc to get it to the table. That is gross, why not make more then one trip ? :P

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    I think that Rachel Ray was smart for taking the job of her original $40 a Day on Food Network. It was a fun gig, she got to eat food all over the United States. 30 Minute Meals wasn't bad, but she was claiming a lot of airwaves on Food Network. Then came Tasty Travels, which was a take-off of $40 a Day, just without the money limit of forty dollars a day. By then, she was getting really big, and she dissappeared for just a litttle while. Then, she came back with the ever-so-annoying Rachel Ray Merchandise for the kitchen, practically millions of Rachel Ray cookbooks are circulating and now, she signed a deal with Nabisco and her face is gracing the box of Ritz Crackers. Though this huge move of from "just a television show" to "she's every where" is very annoying, Rachel Ray is intelligent and has very good marketing strategies.

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    Rachael hit the media lottery. Whoever is backing her financially must feel she's worth the risk. I've only watched her on Food Network. I haven't seen her talk show, but then I hate talk shows! She readily admits she's not a chef... I'm a little bored with her current celebrity status. The link below takes you to a forum where folks regularly thrash Rachael.

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    shes way to overrated and overexposed. and on top of that she is annoying as all get out. most of the things she cooks are not simple things a normal person would make from ingredients you can find in the local supermarket like she says. and on top of that they take longer than 30 if you dont have the magic of tv. as for her 50 thousand other shows thier is no point to them its just her getting paid to go to different places and try food. one show would be more than enough of her.

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    ok, ur totally right! I used to enjoy rachel ray, but now she is just plain overrated and i am definitley starting to get really sick of seeing her face everywhere! i feel like everybody is like worshiping her for cooking food in 30 minutes! i mean come on! people need to get lives and try cooking their own good food, it doesnt matter how long it takes...just as long as you eat!!! i mean, some people dont even eat food because they can't afford it! either ways, rachel ray has totally become overrated!

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    She is overexposed, but I love her shows. As far as the one trip, I think it is just her thing. People watch and hope she drops it all. She is one celeb that I really would like to meet since she seems so natural.

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    Who cares? Let her do what she wants. Besides, I'm not complaining...I like those shows. Yeah it would be good if she had her own channel for each show and maybe one website accounting for everything.

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    that is what makes America great, you can zoom to the top very easy. I'm a little burned out on her but i think she is OK though not a very good cook cook though and BAD tipper

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    Too much...I haven't been able to get through a whole show she's so annoying.

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    Too much

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    She has jumped the shark a long time ago...

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