Drag and drop and right click are broken...?

This isn't my computer but In windows explorer anytime I right click, explorer freezes. If I try to drag an Icon or file to a folder anywhere in explorer, it freezes. It doesn't happen when I'm in a browser, and I can open files and do just about anything else as long as I don't right click in windows. reg scans clean and I can't seem to find any viruses (they use macafee and I did kaspersky online scan as well) any ideas would be greatly appreciated. cheers.


I reinstalled the OS and got nothin' anymore ideas before I format?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sometimes all you can do is to reinstall the OS. Try refreshing the OS first, if that doesn't work, you may have to erase the windows directory. To erase the windows directory use a program called Deltree.exe, which is in your \windows\command\ directory. Copy it to your emergency bootdisk and run it from there, "deltree c:\windows" It will then ask if you want to do it, if you are sure press "Y" for yes. WARNING backup all of your program files, especially the data files, first.

    With windows you can copy all of the files from the install disk, into a subdirectory, and install from there, it can save a lot of time.

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    1 decade ago

    hit on start >all programs >accessories

    system tools> system restore . then restore my computer to an earlier time . go back a date to where it was fine

    then the next day create a new system restore point from then on

    then run a full spyware check up this way

    AD-aware - personal

    avg antispyware

    spybot search and destory

    anitspyware blocker


    spyware doctor


    you download them . then you run 1 at a time to scan ur pc . use deep scan with them all .when found spyware or addware .malware .trojan in da scan . just hit on delete.also have registry machanic . that will clean up ur pc registry you want to use a good anitivurs .. Kaspersky .antivirus is verry good .when you have scan ur pc .and remove da malware . then start pc in safemode and scan da pc again as in safe mode it will do a even more deep scan for spyware or malware or trojans you will not need to format da pc at all you can remove any spyware or trojan malware in da way i told you how to it is easy

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