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Has anyone hurt you this year and how are you doing?

did it make you stronger or just left you weak.

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    Yes. I have just moved into a home that I have been building for the past year and my ex-husband messed with my support payments the week I moved in. How am I doing? Not so good. I wonder if he will ever move on enough to just let me be and allow me to live in peace. I hope I get stronger, but it's a process of a few steps forward and then some backwards... Right now, I'm raw.

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    Yes my ex boyfriend which was the love of my life chose this girl over me....It has made me stronger and I am glad we aren't together. I've just met this incredible guy and things are looking up:)

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    I got aggrivately assaulted, a murder attempt and tons of other things that came my way. It made me stronger. I now know what I'm up against in the spiritual world and in reality.

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    One did, big time. I'm recovering, but I'm still weak.

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