i need help?

my border collie is skiddish. i dont know why. me and my mom went for a trip a while back and my brother watched him while we were gone. and when we came back she`s been really skiddish. what can i do to make her feel more comfortable??

heres a pic of her


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    Giver her a bit of time to get readjusted. You see, in her eyes, you abandoned her. What is to guarantee you won't do this again? I would also venture to say your brother probably did not give her all the attention she desired, so she does not look on the trip in a positive light.

    Play with her more. Pet her, spend quiet time together, and she will eventually return to the dog you know and love.

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    I'm thinking brother did something to start this skittish behavior. Some people will clap at a dog to get them to stop doing something they shouldn't. there are lots of things people who don't really love a dog will do to cope with it. It's pretty Innocent behavior, but from a stranger it can really give the dog a nervous condition. I had a roommate that would toss his keys at my dog to keep the dog from jumping up on him. He never hit the dog, but it gave my dog the creeps and my dog got all skittish and hid under the furniture. My dog stopped doing that a good long time after the roommate moved out. So some dogs are really impressionable by not being wanted or get frightened easily.

    So just coax him out and take him for walks where he will meet other people so that he learns to be around people that are not doing anything to him. He needs to be socialized around lots of different types of people. This really helps dogs get more secure within themselves. Good luck.

    Source(s): Had dog get skittish, used this and it worked.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Ummmmmmmmmmm,,, first you said him, and then you said her. Just a crack pot question I am sure.

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