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what characteristics make a great salesperson?

HOw do you get experience if you have none? I have lots of customer service experience, but who will want you for sales if you don't have a proven record?

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    Charisma would be the number one characteristics a successful top salesman has. But if you don't have that a a sincere smile and the ability to give one the impression that you have their best interest at heart. The second deal breaker is knowledge about the product you are selling. Learn the art of convincing people what your selling is just what they need. No salesman but a chump for a good salesperson..

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    You have to do something to give yourself a record. What kind of customer service work have you done? Did you have satisfied customers who would ask for you again? If you did, that is a record to start with. The best sales people are the ones that get repeat business and/or referrals from past clients. Sales is one of the hardest fields to break into. It takes alot of patience and willingness to go through a few years before things really start to happen. But, if you're good and your customers like you, it does happen. I don't want to get too commercial here about my own business since the purpose of Yahoo Answers isn't self-promotion. If you'd like some more insights from someone who's been there, feel free to email or IM me.

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    show belief in your product even if you don't. It may be crap but believe it is great. That personality will get you thru.

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