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When will people stop saying Islam is worshipping the moon god?

This is one of the biggest lies ever. Can anyone of you provide evidence using the Qur'an or the hadith to prove we are worshipping the moon god? If anyone who does not know about Islam picks up the Qur'an, he/she will get the impression that Allah is All-powerful. This is what happens when you are spoon-fed evangelical drivel. You listen to dumb people, your mind becomes dumb, you read a junky book, your mind becomes junky.

None of you can provide evidence from the Qur'an that we worship the moon god. On page one of the OT, the word Allah appears 17 times, so does that mean the Christian Arabs are worshipping the moon god. Allah was not one of the 360 idols of the Ka'abah but as you all know, evangelicals do not mind telling the biggest lies when it comes to attacking Islam. After becoming so junky by all of this evanglical bs, their minds cannot even grasp the simple fact the Christian and Jewish Arabs call God Allah.


Hey theophilus don't be an idiot, the symbol of the star and the crescent was adopted when the Turks defeated the Byzantines, they thought it was good luck, just look at the Turkish flag, then look at the Saudi Arabian flag. The crescent was the symbol of Diana the goddess of the hunt and the star is the symbol of virgin mary. Man I think your mind has become junky as well Theo.

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    Okay, first of all, no one is going to read your entire question.

    Second of all, I have never heard this before.

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    Muslims will quit being call moon worshippers when they quit worshipping the moon.

    Allah was the name of ONE of the pagan gods that Muhammad worshipped most of his life.

    Allah is not the only arabic word for "God."

    The word "Allah" does not appear in the Bible anywhere (other words for God do appear however).

    The Kabaal in Mecca is a pagan temple. Children and adults were killed there for pagan rituals (possibly Muhammad's own two sons).

    The pilgrimage to Mecca is a pagan ritual.

    The Quran was written by a committee selected by the 3rd Caliph Uthman. Anything they did not like was destroyed.

    The hadiths are used by Muslims to control other peoples lives and to distort the Quran. That is why even Muhammad said they should not be written down and if they were they should be deleted!

    Most of the ridicule of Islam comes from the unauthorized hadiths. I personally believe that anyone who has a written hadith is blaspheming Muhammad and if he was a genuine prophet the blasphemer will pay a strong price for their disobedience.

    What is the black rock in the Kabaal? A meteror. It is worshipped by millions of muslims every year.

    What is the only "miracle" Muhammad was claimed to have done? The splitting of the moon! (actually an optical illustion that can be repeated.)

    By what mechanism are Islamic holidays determined? By the MOON!

    And so on and so forth.

    I agree that if you read a junky book your mind becomes junky.

    I do challenge you to do this. Read the Quran and only the Quran with a open mind, but one of questioning.

    Do not accept what Uthman wrote as authentic.

    Explain why the Quran claims that God made man from a clot of blood and then claims that God made man from dust.

    Read all three religious books (Toran, New Testament, and the Quran).

    Do as the Bible says, judge a prophet by their works.

    Compare the words of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and any other prophet you care to. Then attempt to explain why Muhammad was a man of violence and the other OT and NT prophets were men of peace.

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    I agree with you-100%.

    Some Christians say that many Muslim countries have the moon on their flags, to depict the moon god. They do not realize that this was the symbol of the Byzantine Christians. The Ottomans took it over as their symbol of their rule and of Islam when they defeated the Byzantines, as they had no symbol. Later, some Muslims countries took it on their flag as the sign of Islam, while others did not because they did not want to be reminded of the Ottoman rule.

    I am Jew in America-these right wing Christians scare me. They are trying to get their rules and beliefs as part of our laws.

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    i don't think of i trust you , inspite of the shown fact that i'm not a Muslim .. i think of the single that used to worship the moon and then moved to the sunlight and so on became Abraham , who on the top believed in one god and he had countless reasons to bypass and worship god.. Muhamd so a tactics as i comprehend , grew up not worshiping any of the satuts on the kaaba , he grew up beliving in one god that's not any shape , he became following abrahm as for the info we seek for regarding the Koran, U would desire to examine it to get to this answer .. and evaluate it different stuff you purple and notice what's extra prepared and finished and what isn't ... examine

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    I have never heard that Islam is worshipping the moon god. Maybe that's a regional thing. I live in the US in Pennsylvania. I really don't know where you got that moon god thing from.

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    Yeah, it's quite sad that people say Allah is the "moon god." It's an outright lie, the product of anti-Islamic propaganda perpetuated by the Christian right (which is neither).

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    Well, since the cresent moon is very important to you (or ymbolic, correct me if I'm wrong plz)...people decided to say that Muslims worship the moon god...

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    Sorry Charlie.

    Allah is indeed a moon god held over from pre-islamic pagan religions.

    There is a nice link for you to read. It has things like, facts, archaeological evidence and other things you moon-god worshippers hate.

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    Propaganda fed to them by Jack Chick and the American Evangelical/Southern baptist movement. The favourite churches of the NeoNazis and KKK.

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    When they change their logo from the crescent and the star.

    The crescent represents Allah, and the star Muhammad.

    The crescent also represents the moon, wouldn't you say.


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