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Is it just me or is this getting really old???

We've been dealing with this since the news first broke out. Now don't get me wrong, current events are really important to our daily lives but do we really have to spend our weekend, the last weekend of 2006 arguing about the death of Saddam Hussein.

Come on people, no one can take back the fact that he's gone.....Whether you're happy or sad about it, can we not all just get along and celebrate the coming of a new year?!?!?

Is anyone else getting sick of all of the bashing coming from BOTH sides?

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    I am but you can't help the fact that either way he caused a lot of stories through out his reign over Iraq. What's scary he will get more press time over President Ford dying.

  • SAM
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    OK ;-)

    I am a muslim, we are celebrating Eid today, as well as Saddam's execution, and tomorrow is my sister's birthday... and yes we should all celebrate the new year happily!! WOO HOOOOOOOO

    The world is Saddam Free now ;-)

    Get over it people and think of some other happy things now ;-)

  • Anonymous
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    yeah, but many people including me asked the same as this question. the fact, still people wake up and get to the news and post questions here. it is a global board and finally will end up the year, closing on saddam hussein fate.

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    I think that people need to stop talking about Saddam, anything we say about him is totally void and doesn't matter at all, especially since he has now been killed

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  • akband
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    1 decade ago

    We are celebrating Eid today

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    I don't think "news" has an expiration date.

    Maybe that's why they call it "NEWs".

    Happy New Year...

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