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Did Muhammad really read the Catholic version of Holy Bible or he read the Gnostic version of Holy Bible?

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    The Prophet (peace be upon him) was illiterate and he had no need to read the Bible for he had the brand new holy Quran, revealed directly to him.

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    Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) read nothing.He was illiterate. He was guided by Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) with the command of Allah Almighty, to write the Quran.

    The most influential men in history.

    Prophet Muhammad. (PBUH)

    Think about it.

    Check here for more information:

    And to those who hate Islam. Take the initiative to find out how did a man who was illiterate spread Islam throughout the world with it having 1 Billion Muslims. And The fastest growing religion.

    Just because you do not belong to that particular religion. Do not curse it. Learn about it more from an authentic source if you wish to engage in a helthy discussions. If not just leave it as it is.

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    Ok so mister jeff here seems to think that the idea of an illetrate prophet is not believable wonder what he has to say about god killin himself in a bid to save mankind (sheesh!) no the prophet didnt know how to read or write and the most reliable source for conformin is the holy quran not just i but Allah himself challenges any human on earth to get one mistake from it go ahead

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    Muhammad (PBUH) was illiterate and therefore could not have read either, but he more then likely heard the bible being preached all the time (as his first wife's family was christian)

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  • He did not have a good Bible knowledge. He does not mention Passover at all,for his own purposes. It is considered by Muslims that it was a miracle that he was able to write Quran. One fifth of the Quran is incomprehensible.

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    History shows that Muhammad could not read or write.


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    What makes him so funny is that he couldn't read. How funny is that? And millions believe him.

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    he couldn't read

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    No, he was illiterate.

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    Mohammad was illiterate, so he read neither----------------.

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