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Want something different in a bush. Smallish, colorful, easy care, but not just the normal breen bush.?

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    Nandina domestica, best darn little shrub any body could ask for.

    AKA Heavenly Bamboo

    Nandina domestica is an evergreen shrub in the Southern states, 'Compacta' is lower growing than the species and has more numerous leaflets giving it a lacey appearance. Nandina domestica 'Compacta' blooms in the spring and the new flush of growth is coppery in color. Foliage turns green in the summer. In the fall Nandina 'Compacta' produces a show of red berries and the foliage turns a reddish-purple color. This Nandina can reach 4-6' tall and will spread through rhizomes with age. Cool Shrub

    Source(s): Garden Dok MS, MG. Univ of Calif MASTER GARDENER
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    Location does matter, I mean zone where you live, there are lots of smaller bushes, but watch for how big they can get....

    Here are some good places to check out bushes, you can order from them, or go to your local place with names of what you want. I have ordered from both and have been happy with the results, but a good nursery is hard to beat...

    Good luck...

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    Firebush is a great bush.

    Check it out.

    The picture doesn't do this plant justice.

    The leaves take on a nice reddish hue around the tips.

  • rachel
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    you should re-post this locating your city and state or what your sun/rain conditions are. a lot of "non-evergreens" need special care and conditions. this would help narrow it down

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    How about a spiral juniper?

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