Did it finally happen?.....?

I been trying to get pregnent lately, and then the 28th throught the 1st are my most fertile days. then last night i had a dream i had a baby.. is that a sighn?

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    The dream world is a mystery. You could very well be pregnant. My first clue with both of my pregnancies (and I am talking only about 2 or three days after having sex with my husband) I suddenly had to start getting up in the middle of the night to urinate which I never had to do. I did not know what was going on with my first pregnancy but when it happend with my second pregnancy I knew without a doubt I was pregnant even before a preganacy test could pick it up. Just another bit of my own experience: I did not want to know the sex of my fist baby. I wanted to be surprised. I was scheduled to have a C-section on Aug. 29th. The night of Aug. 28th I had a dream that I had a son with bright red hair. My husband and I were both blonde. Well, guess what? I had a son with red hair. Good luck and I hope so much that you are pregnant. It took me a long time to conceive and I know the frustrations of trying and being disappointed month after month.

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    If that were true there'd be a lot more pregnant people out there.

    The things you dream about at night are the things your mind doesnt have time to think about in the day.

    I think this being your fertile time and all--get out there and start doing the baby dance


    Good luck!!!

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    Maybe but you never really know. I would check by yourself to see if you are pregant, then go to the doctors, and if you're not then keep trying it'll probably be soon! But there is a website called www.dreaminterpretation.com or you can go to google and type in 'what my dreams mean' and it should work.

    I hope that this helps a lot...


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    I had a dream that my youngest child was killed the night before I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd. They say that dreams of a death preceed a birth. If you dream of a baby though, it might just mean that it's been on your mind. I don't know.

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    sometime it is and sometimes its not but dreams like your teachers wedding or something like that might come true but if its a baby i could be or not be because babies take some time

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    Sounds like it! I believe in that sort of thing. Take a pregnency test! Good luck!

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    I would take it as one. Dreams can tell you many things.

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    yes what you and your bf need is a romantic vacation that should be the time wen you mite get pregnant

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