gas or propane?

which is more cost effective. I am looking at using a wall heater for my garage. I just want to know which one is more cost effective

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    Natural gas for sure!!! and I live in NY

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    There are more things to consider here. You will also need to plumb the nat gas to the heater. You will need to make sure you have the right size of supply pipe that comes to the house. For a standard residential home the size is usually 1 inch or 3/4 this more then enough supply for most appliances in the home. However if you have many different appliances that use nat gas in the home you could run into supply issues if the pipe cannot deliver enough gas to run them all. If you do not buy a vent free heater you will need to vent the gas byproducts to the outside. If you go propane you can have a propane jug like you have for your BBQ for the heater. You will still need to consider the venting of the spent gas. So make sure you select a vent free model. I cannot tell you which would be cheaper I dont know what either of the gases cost in your area. I know that setting up a propane fired heater will be cheaper then setting up a nat gas fired one.

    Parts for setting up nat gas heater would be something like this.

    Black iron pipe or other NGA approved supply line.

    Fittings like elbows and various lengths.

    pipe threader if you use black iron.

    threading compound.

    pipe wrenches (and you really need to make sure the pipes are tight)

    anchors to secure the pipe to something

    screw gun.

    items to use for a propane heater.

    appliance flex line. You can find these at any home depot or lowes they come in various lengths.

    You will need a regulator that brings the pressure from the propane tank down to about 2PSI. Check your instruction manual to make sure.

    two box end wrenches or adjustable wrenches.

    There might be an electrical requirement as well but a lot of these heaters have pizo lighters as well.

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    Much depends on whether you already have gas or propane at your residence. If no, its costs big $$ to get gas installed and much less for a propane tank. Gas is often cheaper than propane because the bulk usage system, bottled gas LNG is expensive - probably more so than bottled propane.

    I'd suggest you do some research and then decide.

  • Anonymous
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    Natural gas is the least expensive. If your garage is detached from the house it might be a less expensive installation cost to have a propane tank installed close to the garage and run the line from it. Digging in the yard to properly install the natural gas line can get expensive.

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    Natural gas is less expensive than propane.... but there is a minimum monthly fee year round. So, if only for a garage heater, I would go with propane. Then you only pay for what you use.

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    Natural gas or propane right? Ive only seen propane heaters in my life so I would choose propane heaters. Perhaps the propane heater is more portable? I dont know the answer, im just here for 2 points :D

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    Because the efficiency is about the same, whatever costs more per btu is going to be cheaper. It's usually natural gas, but if you haven't got nat gas, the up front costs and monthly charge will offset the higher cost of propane.

    If you already have nat gas and pay the monthly charge anyway, it's probably going to be cheaper.

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    Propace is a gas too

    Butane is usually called Natural gas and is a mixture of gasses.

    Butane methane mixtures burn very hot, but depending on where you live it may not be available.

    In the south propane is very easy and in the north natural gas is more available.

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