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Does anyone know where I can read books online for free?

like this one The True Power of Water', by Masaru Emoto.


or can you tell me any another good book thanks

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    Hiya! Good to see that you read Emoto, but that is mightly specific for an online browse! You might want to try, but to be honest that is more full of classical stuff (though there are a few modern novels in there too). I reckon that Emoto would be a tough one to emulate online though, as he really is in a class of his own with his research and theories. If you liked The True Power of Water, you should definitely check out "Messages from Water" I think it's called-similar but more rounded. He really tries to prove to more recognised scientists and researchers through empirical evidence that his work is serious, so it is way more focused on science than the philosophy behind "true power".

    Anyway, I don't suppose this helped much-but glad to find ONE other person who's read him!

    Take care,


  • Sir J
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    1 decade ago

    Here are 20,000 free books

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    look on the bit torrents

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