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Can someone please help me with some chemistry problems?

Which list below gives the states of matter from least energetic molecules to most energetic molecules?




solid/liquid/gas (i put this one but i'm not sure)

A diver goes down to a depth of 132 feet. How many atmospheres of pressure are on the diver?

3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6

Which location would have the most air molecules per cubic foot?

Death Valley (below sea level)

Miami (at sea level)

Denver (above sea level)

Which of the following describes a liquid?

no specific volume/no specific shape

specific volume/specific shape

specific volume/no specific shape

Convert 2.3 atmospheres to mmHg.

4.2 x 103 atm

5.6 x 10-2atm

3.0 x 10-3 atm

1.7 x 103 atm

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    5 atmospheres = divide by 32 and add 1 for above water air pressure.

    Death Valley

    Specific volume/no specific shape

    1.7 x 10^3 atm

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    1. solid liquid gas


    3. Death Valley

    4. specific volume, no specific shape


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    to answer your questions:

    1. solid/liquid/gas

    2. ummm.. not sure, don't know the pressure of water.

    3. Death Valley

    4. specific volume/no specific shape

    5. 1.7e3

    Source(s): I have a Chemistry teacher sitting behind me
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