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What is your theory to a mystery that happened in our house last night?

Part 1

Last night my brother (14) was alone downstairs playing a video game in our living room. He said he saw someone in our kitchen. He didn't get a good look but he ran through our family room to the stairs because he was so scared.

When he ran up the stairs he saw the person again in the kitchen. He raced through his room and knocked on the bathroom door which is between his room and my mom's room. She was in there cleaning the bathroom with the door shut. She let him in and he told her.

Part 2

Less than five minutes before this my mom was in her bathroom and had that door open to her bedroom, but her bedroom door was shut. She heard someone knock on her door and our dog whined at the door but when she opened it no one was there.

After this we went downstairs and found the front door unlocked (it had been locked).

Any ideas as to what could have happened? Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.

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    OMG was someone prowling in your house with everyone home?That's what it sounds like, if the dog whined then he may have known the prowler and they were on the other side of the door.Were you'll up past the normal bed time?Or was you'll suppose to be somewhere else?Too many things point to someone being in your house,maybe the police need to be called to be made aware.I don't want to scare you, but be on the safe side---is there a male figure in the house(father)--If not, let the police in on it--Be SAFE....

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    Maybe one of the neighbors is playing a trick on you guys, or maybe it's another family memeber moving fast :P i don't know. I don't want to scare you but maybe it is time to get some extra locks, and maybe a security system? You can never have too much protection on a house.

    I used to be a HUGE fan of the show Mysterious Ways, ( it got canceled a long time ago ) I think that there is more chance for some silly explanation for all that happening then there being someone in the house.

    Good luck, hope you find out what happened and have a great day!

    P.S. Sylvia Browne says if you think you got a ghost, tell it to go to the light, to go home. They need to move on. :)

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    Sounds like you had a visitor. Could be a spirit. Some people can see them and animals are very sensitive to spirits. But in case it wasn't a spirit, get good locks; and just in case have the house blessed (the dog whining was not a good sign).

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    Change your doors locks, get a braver dog.. and Hope it was only a ghost.

    You should notify the police to put it on record.

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    Sounds kind of spooky to me. I could give you a few answers to this but I would be called weired on here, what the hell.....Here goes..... I feel as if it is a man who used to live in or around your house, he means you no harm. Talk to him and ask him not to come any more.

    Source(s): Now you know my secret.
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    I really never know what to think about things like this, but maybe you have a ghost. As long as it is not doing real HARM, then I think you are okay :]

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    Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy....maybe someone wanted a snack from your house or you have a ghost?

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    Tell your mom to get a security system as soon as possible.

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