Anybody know of a good party New years eve in Atlanta GA?

I'm looking for a good party new years eve in atlanta GA. Everything I've heard so far has been at clubs with a bunch of 18 year olds. Im looking for something for grown folks 30+.

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    THE place for mature, upscale clientele with Old School R&b, HipHop & Reggae taste is...Club Hairstons! I frequent it often & it is THE only place I go to while in Atlanta.

    Located at:

    1273 S Hairston Rd

    Stone Mountain, GA 30088-2718View Map

    (866) 477-8128

    Check Out The Following Review:

    The Scene

    Crowded with flirtatious patrons, this spacious club has the energy of an elegant, modern-day juke joint. Multicolored booths line the walls and crystal candleholders strike a romantic pose atop linen-covered glass cocktail tables. The large bar is packed with men decked out in different colored suits, matching ties, shoes and brims and women in sexy pantsuits and slinky dresses with jaw-dropping slits. More cocktail tables line the pathway to the dance floor.

    The Draw

    Grown folks need a place to hang out, and this is that place. Live music on Friday nights and occasional old-school steppers' sets keep the crowds rolling in. Couples mix with the mostly single crowd, and women can rest easy knowing this is not a "boys club," rather this is where grown men play. Revel in the mature party vibe, and know that when they say, "It's getting hot in here," it's probably because of the Isley Brothers not Nelly.

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    I'm just going to go to the peach drop. There is a nice poolhall/bar called the PoolRoom off I-85 and Plea sent hill, exit 104(or around that give or take 2 exits numbers). It's across from Wild Bills in the Gwinnett Mall Circle.

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    oh u want to have a new year party so do it by decoring and by buying a cake with a dj and invet ur friends


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