Computer lockup when enters Internet. Keyboard(s) no longer work after Restart thru Adminstrator password.?

I have a Dell 2400 Dimension purchased direct Jan04. In Early December I installed an upgrade memory chip from CrucialDownloaded Windows Live OneCare on 12/27/06 updated 12/30/06. Finds no virus. Avast finds virus. Spybot finds virus. Popup Baloon indicates viruses. Having slowing problems entering Internet doing a job search. Computer locks up with icon hourglass not changing. Need to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to restart. But no improvement. Last night keyboard worked thru administrator to restart then cannot type. Changed keyboards and it repeats thru the re-start but after the keyboard does not function. Mouse works. Help?...Help???

Service Tag No. available as is Xpress service code..

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    1 decade ago
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    An internet connection can become slow or stop working due to a number of reasons depending on the type of the connection. Many of the problems can be solved by making software changes or small hardware corrections. Detailed instructions at

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