Butterfly Bush..What time of the year should it be pruned?

I live in the Middle Ga area ..it is a 2 year old bush ..it will need pruning and transplanting to a bigger area

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    Here in WI buddlia is an hebaciouc perrenial, it dies back from the cold every year. So we do not have to cut them back.

    Especially in hotter climes I would divide and transplant in late fall or dormancy. This will give the plant more time to recover form the root loss/damage you get when digging up.

    Since you are in GA, Buddlia is probably a woody shrub that will grow stems every year. A coppice trim, as mentioned above works well for shrubs that get leggy with age. Spirea and ninebark are two other examples we use up here.

    If you want a bigger plant, but want to keep a more juvenile appearance (more leaves and flowers, less woody stems) then a renewal pruning is better. Jut reach in and remove 1/3-1/4 of all of the larger stems and you will always have a 3-4 year old bush.

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    Butterfly Bush should be cut back rather than pruned in the fall. You should transplant, ideally in the spring, but EARLY fall is a close second. FYI .. Flowering shrubs should be pruned after flowering, and perennials, cut back before the winter. I assume you are in a Northern Climate.

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    I would say to transplant it and prune it at the same time, early spring,before the middle of March, when the new growth starts

    I would also fertilize it at the same time that you move it.

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    I would prune it in the early spring after your cold weather or any chance of below freezing temperatures is past. After you prune and transplant be sure to fertilize it.

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    Wow, everybody seems to differ in opinions for THIER area. Why do folks spout their opinions as FACT?

    What's right for YOUR area could be: go ahead and do it now. I live in SoCal. We are zone 9. I think yours might be similar unless you get snow. If you get snow, you'll need to wait until the ground is diggable :-) Buddleias look really sad here in winter, so that's when we trim them. They grow SO MUCH every year! So, you can cut it back as far as you want.

    If you need to transplant, follow this order; dig your new hole first, whack the plant back, carefully dig up the plant, then plop it in the new hole.

    Good luck :-)

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    it's possible to prune/cutback your butterfly bush at any time with out killing it.but if you're concerned, then do so anytime from spring to autumn. don't be afraid, it will be alright.

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    fall is the only time to do this what kind is is i love the black beauty also transplant in fall or winter

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    in the spring. just be careful were you put it, likes to spread but it is very pretty.

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