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Best Friend Problems?

My best friend in the whole world is starting to really hurt me. We were so close, pretty much sisters, did everything together, always got along, took vacations together, had the same views on life and were planning to go to the military with each other. We were so much alike but also had our own differences. She decided to get a boyfriend and i don't get along with him at all. The two of the know how much i dislike him but they won't do much. I stopped expressing to her how much i don't like him because i know it was hurting her. They have been together for 3 months now and i have hung out with her maybe 4 time during that time.(we would spend almost everyday together) she decided that she would move in with him in January( i believe this is the worst thing that she could ever do). Niether of them have jobs and she is pretty lazy. she dropped out of school, doesn't have a home life and doesn't have a job. i on the other hand am very responsible have earned everything i own and


i work a full time job on top of school. lately all we have been doing is fighting and its starting to get ugly. i don't want to end things because she is the only person that really knows me, and i can be myself around her( while around others i feel like i have to hold myself back because of the judegements they will make) I'm also afraid that if i do let go of the friendship i can never go back and that scares me. She hasn't really tried to make the effort to make things better and thats why i am starting to want things over. I love her to death but she puts her boyfriend ahead of me 24-7. i just need to know if it is worth the heartbreak and pain that i am experiancing for a friendship that will never be the same. i have never been in love( and i'm happy with it because i believe that i'm too young) so i don't know what she is going through. Please help me!! Should i surround myself with ppl that care and are going somewhere in life or hold onto a best friend that is hurting me??

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    if she was your best friends then she wouldnt have out her boyfriend first. But maybe it's time you should let go and move on because you sound very successful and very happy this seems like it is getting you down maybe if you moved on then this wouldnt get you down

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    sometimes you gotta let friends to sometimes go their seprate ways

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