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Enough people seem sad about Saddam's death. Why?

It's not just the Iraqi Sunnis. Its the palestinians, some of the Europeans and Americans, and even the muslims in India for some reason. Why? Is it just because everyone hates America so much now that aything will do? Even if you were against the war like me, you would still probably be happy about this guy getting what he deserves right?

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    Maybe it's because they won't be able to point a finger at him and rant anymore.

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    Everything has people on all sides of it so your bound to find people that will react both ways.

    I think the guys that found him in that hole would have saved a lot of time, effort, and money if they'd just have shot him.

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    for sure saddam was not a good guy but the way hes execution was shown on tv, news papers, was not a good thing think this caused more trouble for us people that live in the usa. i think this is a nother war. for president bush. think he was better off spending the rest of his life in jail.

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    Saddam was a thug, a bully, a rapist, and a mass murderer. People who claim to be sad are just playing politics.

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    I think people will vocalise whatever helps them make a greater point.....even when they know it's total bullsh!t.

    Like all the 9/11 conspiracy theories...i highly doubt most of those that put them out there actually believe them as well!

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    the known climax when America evaded (not sent troops. please note it) executed. Normally Saddam's courage of facing USA gave him this prestigious heroism. Nothing more than that.

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    Well,I'm sure there were people that mourned Hitler too after he kicked the bucket. Go figure!

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    I only see Liberals on this site feeling sorry for him

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    His death isn't hurting my feelings any.

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