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What's the difference between a beef brisket & corned beef?

Does anyone know the difference between beef brisket & corned beef? Is it that one's seasoned & the other isn't?

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    Corned beef is actually beef brisket soaked in a brine for an amount of time to flavor it. When you go to the store next time read the ingredients on a corned beef packet... the sodium content is enough to give you your daily dose for the rest of the year! Yikes!

    And it's definitely NOT a cow that ate nothing but corn... cow would be dead in a couple of days from stomach colic... LOL

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    Beef brisket is the actual cut of beef, and Corned beef is a way to prepare it. I had brisket for X-mas dinner, and it was delish.

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    I haven't heard the term points when referring to corned beef, but it could be what we call silverside. It is a different cut if meat, and tends to have more fat and gristle, which you need to remove. Brisket comes from the front under belly, and the silverside from the butt or rump. It is still good to eat, and whilst it says you should simmer the piece for 30 minutes per lb I prefer about 45 minutes.

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    I really don't know but i prefer beef brisket over corned brisket any day.

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    all i know is corned beef is a cow that was fed on nothing but corn.

    it tastes different i hear than the usual grass fed cow.

    at least thats what my mom told me.

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