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How to think positive when things are not going in your way and you frustrated of some inability.?


here things mean to say.. in my job environement i am a poor commutator.. i am very great in innovative thoughts but could not communicate sometime because of stamming (also not good in engalish) and that's creating insecurity in my mind and it's goes as cumulative effect.

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    It's not easy, but it can be done to some extent. First, whatever is not going your way is probably something you have no control over. Wasting your energy being negative about it is just that...a waste. Focus only on what you have control over, and what you are able to do. Take it one day at a time.

    As for frustration over some inability, tell yourself that okay is okay. Whatever you feel your inability is, if you're striving for perfection it's never going to happen. If you're striving for just okay, then that's a more reachable goal.

    Whenever I'm worried, frustrated or unhappy, I picture a flowing river and I mentally take a bottle, put all my negative thoughts and worries in it, cork it up, toss it in, and watch the bottle be carried away by the force of nature. I know it sounds very simplistic and trite, but it works!

    Add-on...I just read the additional info you provided. When you have a problem with stammering, it just gets worse when you're frustrated over it and trying too hard. I've provided some links to sites that may be of more help than I can be. Good luck.

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    Basically what I do is try to be creative in thinking of possible solutions or other methods to minimize the impact. For example, my job is ok, but the pay is not that great. I've always wanted to start a business so I try to rev myself up to that goal.

    Also, exercise is the biggest key to avoidng depression. I take Karate right now and when I'm feeling a little down and out I go take class. Afterwards I feel a lot better.

    You have to exercise if you feel depressed. If you want to make a lot of friends and need some positive reinforcement find a CS Kim Karate School.

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    One method of thinking positive when surrounding events may seem frustrating, is to have the thought of . . . these (events) are things that are happening, yet they are not what (who) I am. I can't always control the events, yet I can control how I react and respond and think about the events that are occuring.

    Faith . . . I have faith that the event will be focused on and tended to and when it's tended to . . . the event will pass and life continues on.

    Strength . . . I bring up inner strength from within (even if sometimes that inner strength feels to be no more than the size of the period at this sentence end), I call up that strength and hold on to that. That size of strength, more times than not, does grow and help / guide me through the frustrating events going on.

    Humor, find it where you can...You'd be surprised what you can find to (respectfully) find humor in . . . even if that found bit of humor simply brings a gentle smile to your face.

    Patience and Love, to hold onto these is a strength to get a person through a frustrating event.

    Memory, remembering past frustrating events that have occured in life and remembering that you did in fact get through those moments, life did go on and was fine.

    Faith, embrace that to sustain you till frustrating event passes and that faith will evolve into strength.

    Where to find these emotions? Quite yourself and go within. Let the world just go away, even if just for 60 seconds, and just ' sit with yourself within ' . . . may sound odd, but by quieting yourself and just putting the world on hold and going within to connect your innerself with the Pure Light with within, and outside us.

    Anyway . . . you posted the question and asked . . . I answered . . . that is what I do.

    It's early here, my friend just called and we're going out for an early morning exercise walk so dont' feel like re-reading this and doing the 'spell check' thing . . . so off I go, clicking the submit / send button.

    Peace to you.


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    God said in all things give thanks. We don't always understand the things were going through but God has a reason,put your trust in God he will see you through it. You will always have test in life and its not the test that you go through that's important but how you take it. whatever your going through may not even be for you but may be to help someone Else it may very well make a great testimony someday so don't get frustrated just ask God to help you get through it then use the testimony to glorify God.

    Remember it's not about us,Its about God. I'll pray for you .

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