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Did you ever reach for a painkiller ....?

... and the pain suddenly disappeared before you took the tablet?

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    I think that's happened to everyone, sometimes it's dehydration and just drinking the water can get rid of a headache. Before taking any medications be sure you really need it and if you do this again try not taking the pill and see what happens. It sounds like just grabbing a pill will give you a placebo effect. Your mind is telling you something, listen to it. Good luck

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    Paracetamol has few side effects, but dosing is limited by possible hepatotoxicity (potential for liver damage). NSAIDs may predispose to peptic ulcers, renal failure, allergic reactions, and hearing loss. They may also increase the risk of hemorrhage by affecting platelet function. The use of certain NSAIDs in children under 16 suffering from viral illness may contribute to Reye's syndrome.

    Please see the web pages for more details on Pain medications.

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    No, I haven't. But I have heard of things like that happening once or twice.

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