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Which is tougher, batting .400 or winning 30 games?

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    These days it is impressive if a Pitcher can Pitch 35 times in a season (Starting all of those games). Hitters are expected to play every game. It is much harder to win 30 games.

    30 wins is winning over 95% of your games, that means you n eed run support, and consistency, and you cannot get hurt. The best hitters dangle around 350 all year. Some of those best hitter can get hot in Semptember, and boom you are near 400.

    I don't think we will see a 30 win season... ever again.

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    I'm sure you're talking about a single season. I'd have to say winning 30 games over the course of a season is tougher. Hitting is difficult but there is some leeway. You much have at least 502 official plate appearance and collect 200 hits to make it official. That may sound difficult and it is but think about it, 2 hits every 5 at bats throughout the season. Of course most every day players get close to 600 at bats a year but I'm using this as an example.

    A pitcher would have to pitch on a four day rotation throughout a 162 game schedule. That's approximately 41 starts. You would have to win 75% of your starts. If you are placed on a five day rotation as most pitching staff are you would only get 32 starts which would make winning 30 games almost impossible.

    Since Denny McLain won 31 games in 1968, the closest anyone has come to that is Steve Carlton in 1972 when he won 27 games. Today a pitcher is lucky to win 20.

    George Brett batted .390 in 1980. The same year the Royals lost to the Phillies in the World Series. That is as close to .400 since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941.

    Good Question!

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    Ok. Over a career span, winning 30 games is something that any decent pitcher would be able to do. However, to bat .400 over a career is nearly impossible. To win 30 games in a season seems difficult, but not impossible. I only know 2 players who ever had 30 win seasons, Walter Johnson and Lefty Grove. Basically, these pitchers were amazing. Not even Nolan Ryan could do it. So, it's much easier to hit .400 in a season than to win 30 games. Winning 30 games in a season is like batting .500 in a season.

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    I believe the way baseball has changed it would be tougher to win 30 games than to hit .400. However the last time either one was done was 1968 with Denny Mcclain going 31-6 and Ted Williams batting .406 in 1941. The batting average is still very difficult due to the intercontinental travel and its tiring effects on mind and body. The 30 win season is nearly impossible because of the way they rest pitchers and the way they are relieved nowadays is a lot different than it was in the early days and including the 1960's.

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    The last time someone won 30 games was Denny Mclain in 1968. Last time someone hit .400 was Ted Williams in 1941. The average pitcher gets around 30 starts, so really a pitcher would have to win every game to get 30. For batting average, they would have to be superhot. Some numbers have been in the .390's in recent years though. Tony Gwynn hit .394 in 1994, and George Brett hit .390 in 1980. Nobody has even came close to getting 30 wins. So probably hitting .400 is easier, but it certanly is not easy.

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    Winning 30 would be harder, that means you can only loose or have a no decision on three games at most if you pitch every five games. Batting 400 would be more possible, you just need to be very lucky and have some serious skills.

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    Historically, it has been harder of late to hit .400.

    Ted Williams was the last to do it in 1941 with a BA of .406.

    Denny McClain won 31 games in 1968.

    However, since that time, the 5 man pitching rotation has become the standard. A 5 man rotation gives a starting pitcher about 32 starts per season, making a 30 victory season almost imposable.

    Therefore we should see a .400 hitter again sooner than a 30 winner.

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    Wining 30 game because the average pitcher will star in 36-40 games and that is saying that you can only get a loss or no decision in 6-10 of those. Where as a batter has a lot more chances to increase his batting average.

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    batting .400 cause your playing everyday were as winning 30 games you get 4 or 5 day rest between your games

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    As an individual batting .400 is hardest because it depends solely on your capacity and talent at the bat, winning 30 games is a group effort and it does not depend exclusively on your effort.

    There are many teams who have won many games but not so many players that have this kind of average on their batting records.

    see Roberto Clemente's record

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    Well since a pitcher has won 30 games in my lifetime I would have to say batting .400.

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