can anyone tell me why my pc wont boot past the dell screen? gf said she had someone lock the hard drive?

recently i came home from work to find my user acct had been changed from a comp. admin acct. to a limited account and my gf's to the master acct. after correcting the prob, a week later when returning from work pc would not boot past DELL SCREEN. she said that she had the hard drive locked until she could finish having someone install my suprise. i can only access the F2 SYSTEM SETUP, and F12 BOOT MENU. what do i need to do to fix this prob.? help!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    F2 system setup

    Look for hard drive properties in the bios.

    however, if she did right, she password protected the bios.

  • 4 years ago

    the thermal compound dose not dry up. On pcs that are made via skill of dell and HP each and all of the extensive boys, they use extremely crappy factors like heat temperature sink and thermal compound. whilst the CPU heats up then the compound will soften and all could be useful. Its defently not over heating. It has some difficulty to do with homestead homestead windows. I want you're arranged to have recommended us what the BIOS scree says, if its giveing you any errors or any ingredient like that. you're arranged to need to get the homestead homestead windows disk that it have been given right here with and run a fix or a fix. you would be able to all so boot it into threat-unfastened mode. All pcs are different so I cant tell whilst to press it so whilst your laptop activates the shop hitting F8 till ultimately a reveal reveal pops up. Then flow into threat-unfastened mode and notice if homestead homestead windows boots up. If it dose restart it and be sure out to do it without threat-unfastened mode. in case you will get into threat-unfastened mode then you definately would fix you mothers laptop to each and each week in the previous it grew to alter into into haveing themes.

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    Hey Dude,

    Get a new gf!

    Does it take a long time to get through? Is it asking you for a password?

    Two things. She may have removed the hard drive OR she indeed may have put a password on it.

    Either way, she better have a pretty GREAT surprise, or dump her! She sounds like the type that will take your dog to get neutered.

    If she locked it, you can call Dell and they will walk you through a recovery process.


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    1 decade ago

    go into safemode

    hit on start >all programs >accessories

    system tools> system restore . then restore my computer to an earlier time . go back a date to where it was fine

    then the next day create a new system restore point from then on

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