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Does anyone know if fatigue can CAUSE anemia? My daughter is on Luvox for OCD. And it does seem to help a lot.

The only problem is that is makes her so drowsy. Then I noticed her looking pale. She is 23. Can fatigue cause Anemia? We know the Luvox makes her tired.

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    No. Fatigue is a symptom of anemia. Lack of iron causes anemia. Maybe the meds are lowering her body's ability to absorb iron? I'm not a doctor, just someone who's had anemia before. Does she have headaches? If so, that's another sign of anemia. There are over the counter multi vitamins she can take for an iron deficiency, but since she's on meds, I'd consult her doctor before giving her anything else, even over the counter. Hope she feels better. Happy New Year!

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    Actually it's the opposite, the anemia will cause fatigue, along with the paleness, she may even have dark circles under her eyes. Did you know even just cooking food in an iron skillet it will help, worked for me and my son. there are several iron supplements but be sure she can take with other meds..I've been anemic my whole life, sometime it's better sometime it's worse...especially that time of the month. Good Luck

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    Oh wow, difficult place. enable's think of employing issue fixing (lol) a million. the issue is your daughter is crying. 2. Why? she's hungry. 3. remedies for starvation= eating 4. something that ought to in all possibility supply up you from feeding her? properly no longer that i will think of of.. till there's no nutrition there. so what do you do? feed her. *over explaining stupid questions in math, technological awareness and now in P&S on condition that 1994* *the guy under me is cool, large answer.* ~sig~ 7 days without soccer makes one vulnerable

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    Look I don't know how bad your daughter is but get her of the meds now! Anemia is caused by a diet low in b vitamins and iron

    foods that contain this are healthy lean red meat. They also contain amino acids they key amino acid in red meat or beef is tryptophan this amino acid is imperative for serotonin production and a Healthy brain chemistry. OCD is caused by an imbalance Of serotonin in the brain foods rich in dairy turkey and red meat contain tryptophan an amino acid. tryptophan is a precursor for serotonin production in the body for use in the brain get her off or cut down on the Luvox. A healthy body is essential for healthy brain chemistry.

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