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which car is better? 2007 BMW X5 or 2007 BMW X3?

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    The X5 is not a "better" car than the X3. The X5 is a bigger, more luxurious, and larger towing capacity SAV than the X3 and thus costs more.

    Since the X3 is smaller, weighs less, and lower center of gravity, the X3 handles better, better gas mileage, and is faster than the smaller engine X5 (same engine, but X3 weighs less and is therefore faster). If you get the larger X5 Engine it will be faster after 60mph but 0-60 is the same.

    Do you need the space? Get an X5.

    Are you going to tow a lot? Get an X5.

    Do you need 3rd row seating? Get an X5.

    Do you want a more luxurious interior (This was the hardest part for me, I would spend an extra 5k to have a better interior X3)? Get an X5

    Better re-sale value (with this in mind it makes the price difference not that much between the X3 and X5) ? Get an X5.

    If you answered no are not big deal to all then get an X3.

    If you want better handling and "more fun" driving? Get an X3.

    Cheaper car and better gas mileage? get an X3.

    If you want a more "European" vehicle? get an X3.

    You want European Delivery (I highly recommend)? get an X3.

    I got an X3 and I couldn't be happier with my choice, especially when I moved to Germany where parking is hard and lanes are smaller. X3's are sold more than X5s in Europe reverse of the USA.

    Either way you will not be disappointed !!! It's a BMW :)

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    X3 Vs X5

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    Both are great SAV Sport Activity Vehicle the 07 X3 Si is sleeker looks sportier with 260 hp 225lb-ft it still offers the best gas milage in its class as before seats 5 The all new X5 is over 7 inch's longer and over 2 inchs wider offers the same 3.0 in-line 6 and also a 4.8 350hp V8 the X5 offers a 3rd row seat this year they are both leaders in safety and performance free maintenance and great to drive they both handle more like cars the all wheel drive vehicles The thing you wiill need to decide aside from the $11.000 difference in base price is how much room do you need...either way if your buying a BMW your buying the best

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    I used to work for BMW on sales and both cars are diferent.

    The X3 is smaller also small engine also price too is about 35 thousand.

    The X5 is Bigger also bigger engine from 40 to 75 thousand depends the options.

    So now the question is whats your budget also, how big of a car do you need.

    Good Luck.

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    The X5 is better in terms of luxury, performance, comfort, capacity, safety and handling.

    I would gather the X3 is better in fuel economy and affordability.

    However, the 2007 X5 is still assembled in the US and the X3 is manufactured in Germany.

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    Although the x3 is a good choice, the x5 is by far the leader in suv's right now. I had several hours of drive time in the x5, both on and off road, on the track and off. I must tell you, this thing handles like a sports car. By far the most advanced suv (sav) on the planet.

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    BMW is my favorite car and i think X5 is better but it's your choice whatever you like

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    X5 of course. I am an owner and proud of it. Great car.

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